Late to the Stable

Conemara g (226x274)

The older, more experienced shepherds told me of the angels announcing the birth of the Christ. They went and saw the child in the manger and told others about Him. I come to the stable of the Lord, shy and in complete awe of His perfection. How can such beauty, comfort and joy exist in the poor stable where the baby Jesus lies? The light of the star which leads the Magi to the newborn king shines on and on, waiting by order from heaven until the completion of its holy task.

I went to see for myself to see the Christ. Immediately, I felt the warmth of the glow of his countenance, so mild and sweet; wholly aware and not wandering in countenance like most babies. His mother Mary and Joseph looked on with kindly smiles, which encouraged me. I approached and the babe turned His attentive eyes to me. Peace and joy came to my heart and I know now it will never leave me.

I felt that I must make room for others, as I heard more coming, but with a nod from the mother, I just moved over and allowed others to enter. Other late comers need to come to the stable, see the Christ Child and know he is the Prince of Peace.