Seeking the truth

All of my life I have been seeking. For what? Same as you, I have been seeking that which satisfies or helps me to survive and thrive.  What then is surviving and thriving? What satisfies?

I have searched through the basic modes, instinct, education and experience.  My credentials are fair, better than average, but not exceptional. My instincts are as everyones. My experiences quite rare as judged even by the most sceptical.

My motives are three fold; first, to tell what I know, which I believe to be an instinctive desire to join in community with my fellow humans. Second is to share my what I know in order to help others to a richer life; to give or educate as I have been given or educated.  Third is to glorify God, who is, in my experience, the everlasting wonder.  He is the answer to all that is sought in this world, because He gives the answers to it and provides a realization of hope for better.


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