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The Divine revealed to the Virgin Mary

The Divine revealed to the Virgin Mary

Daily I ask the Lord, “what is it You would have me do this day?” The answer I imagine is: enjoy what I gave you; give to others; say please and thank you like I had your mother teach you; forgive others as I forgive you.

The first gift given to each of us is life. Life with the possibility of sharing the glorious gifts of Jesus from whom proceeds all good things and who promises a place that has no sorrow or tears. Wow! Why aren’t we all celebrating? Hard to fathom, yet easy in the contexts of daily living on this earth it is becomes a clouded view. Life with possibilities means that God in His wisdom allows us to have freedom of choice to see or not to see, to hear or not to hear the “how to” messages of God. Why listen to God is the ever present question which comes down to us from the exiled Adam and Eve. Their son Cain asked the same question. Why should we listen to God’s instruction and why should we care what happens to others? Well, first of course was the exile from the Garden of Eden. Second, Cain did not follow God’s instructions to be humble and listen; he did not care about his brother, but killed him in jealous rage. Cain was marked and exiled. His descendants were eventually those who were eradicated in the flood in the time of Noah. Seth who was the third son of Adam and Eve petitioned God; in other words sought God’s help or mercy. From Seth’s line came Noah who followed God’s instructions and shared the rebirth of the human race with his family and with the creatures of the earth.  These prototypical people show us that listening to God is the only way to survive and thrive.

Noah gave thanks to God for the gift of life for himself and for the generations to come. Noah did this first thing out of the ark and God blessed him exceedingly for all generations to come. Refer to the oldest texts of the BIble Book of Genesis, first English translation Douay-Reims or New International Version.

A primary example of appreciating the gifts of God and following Jesus’s mandate to forgive is found in the Blessed Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Read her “magnificat” or song, in the Gospel of Luke, after the immaculate conception of Jesus she proclaims the greatness of God who looks kindly upon her and gives her and all generations mercy. Even after she witnessed the most horrific death of her Son, remains with the apostles even though many of them deserted Him in His hour of passion. Later after the resurrection she continues united with them in constant prayer. Refer to the Acts of the Apostles.

The apostles united in prayer and  in their efforts to tell the message of Jesus to all the souls of the world. The remaining lives of the apostles  were thus  given over to converting the souls of this world.  The Blessed Mother, in had a new role as mother of an apostle and  of converters to Christianity, i.e. all apostles of Christ.  For those of us who belong to the Roman Catholic and other Catholic denominations, Mary becomes our mother as she given both of these roles by God; the role of Mother of God or God-bearer and Mother of apostles.

It is clearly stated, though not often, by Protestant doctrine, the Virgin Mary has a primary role as  her as Mother of God or God-bearer. Bearing God to the world was and is more than a one time miracle, just as mother of any child is more than a one moment event.

Our appreciation of God’s gifts which are manifold; we need to be always thankful,as His gifts are not limited but from His everlasting nature, is everlasting.  Let  us accept them, follow His teachings about them, appreciate them and forgive those who do not.


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