Where Have All the Children Gone

Where Have All the Children Gone

What happens to humanity when no one considers the future of others more important than their own.

Is our society and those around the world seeking so much to satisfy individual cravings that they block out the most important things, even survival? Surviving is not just living as animals or as some life form, but as human beings with great possibilities for love and creativity and culture. What makes the survival of human beings with such potential so important to each of us? It is the possibility of the connection with the one perfect one who made us, the One Almighty Living God. How can we hope to have the connection of love promised in the Bible if we disdain all others and look only to ourselves? It is not possible. We need to take care of each other and foster the love we are given each day and that love perpetuates itself in life of others, first our children and then those around us. Selfishness is self destructiveness. Seeking only to satisfy our singular desires is the pitfall that leads to loneliness and the failure of the mind; eventually to the end of the species.

Love and it’s fruit, mercy, are the way to survival. Working together, looking to the greater good is the only way for the human race to survive, regardless of any technology. We need each other. We need the guiding hand of God to lead us in the ways of love, not carnal acts, but in love that is everlasting and can be seen in actions around us every day.

Unity of love in Christ, the Divine Mercy, is the way to find the path to eternal survival.


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