Open Cafe Hidden Topic

Open Cafe Hidden Topic

Who has seen God? Where did you see Him? What did He say to you? Is He going to destroy us all? Does He care what happens to us? Why do bad things happen, if He is Almighty? Why should we care about God, if we can’t see Him? Does He promise there will be a life after death and is there a heaven and hell or just some kind of ethereal existence or just slumber? How can we see and talk to God?


One thought on “Open Cafe Hidden Topic

  1. I have seen the living God, as many have seen Him. Believing you can see Him is seeing, not the other way around. He is present in the Holy Eucharist at mass in every Catholic Church around the world. 1.3 billion people see and believe they have seen Him. Yes, He speaks to me, as He speaks to all people of the world, through His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, who is the Word of God come down from heaven to care for us and help us to eternal life in heaven with Him. He therefore, does care and does want us to come to eternal life in heaven. The fact that bad things happen on this earth is a means of our learning what is godly and good/heavenly versus what is evil and damns us to eternal suffering. God bless those in the cafes who are talking and wondering about God. Seek and you will find, knock at the doors of the church and it will be open to you.

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