How to be Joyful in Dying, part 1

daa663d8937a1973aa07b0471c03ce2eIt is a great joy to learn the lessons of the dying. I was diagnosed with a disease that should have terminated my life several years ago, but the joy I found has kept me alive long past my terminal notice.

Is this a ploy? No. Is it the truth? Yes. More some 13 years ago, I was diagnosed with an illness that was to kill me in a few years, if not sooner. No great cure was found, in fact, every medicine I took make me more sick. I even changed climate to find a better way to live out my last few years. I tried every herbal and nutritional thing. Nothing has done any good for me. Nothing has changed my diagnosis. I am still hovering on the edge of death.

The difference between a state of despair and death with my current state of joyful living is in the gift of God.  His Divine Mercy shone down upon me and I have found that there is joy to be found even in the worst moments of pain and suffering and death. The joy is in Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ.


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