Brothers in the Sand

Who is my brother? This question is asked by many people over the expanse of time of earth’s existence.  Looking with the eyes of a scientist, we see the people linked by the same mother and father; parents. Genetically, we have a limited pool of genes that show we all come from common ancestors. Although as societies have developed, the meaning the associating of one person with another most commonly understood to be outside of the brother/sister relationship. Yet, since we are all from the same human root we understand that there is a brotherhood of humanity. Most religions give two or three meanings: brothers of the common parents, brothers in faith and brothers in humanity.

In the Bible, the first five books of which are followed by most monotheist believers, that is the followers of the One God, the brotherhood of man is clearly exemplified in Genesis. We all have come from Adam and Eve. The children who survived them were Cain and Seth. Noah and his sons were the only families to survive the Great Flood, so that all of humanity is clearly set out as brothers from the same family.  The Bible, therefore, tells us of this closeness of humanity many thousands of years before genetic research scientifically proved it. We all started from the dirt and sand of the Garden of Eden from which Adam was taken. From dust we were made and to dust we will return is from the Bible.  Scientifically, we can observe this truth in any graveyard around the globe. Yet, all humans may take heart in this fact and understanding that we are all Brothers in the Sand.

Believers in the One God, all believe that Abraham, descendant of Seth and Noah, is the patriarch or father of their religion. Two of these faiths believe also that Abraham was their genetic father also, both Jews and Muslims of Arab descent.  Both of these two faiths, believe that others may be adopted into their religion and have the same benefits of the genetic children, thereby giving credence to the brotherhood of the faithful. Christians who share belief in the One God also believe they have been adopted into the line of Abraham by their belief in the One God.

Thereby all believers in the One God are Brothers in the Sand and brothers in faith.

Christians further believe that anyone who espouses their religion is a brother in faith and that all, regardless of faith or birthright, should be treated with charity as genetic brothers. Therefore, they too give credence and especially point out the importance of the brotherhood of humanity or Brothers in the Sand as well as the brotherhood of the faithful.

To the extent that brotherhood of humanity is important, it has proven true over the centuries that what happens to one group eventually happens to the others. Victims of war and diseases were some of the first witnesses to this fact. Again, the scientific proves the religious truths again. Victims of war are another set of witnesses.  All people give witness to the truths of the need for treating each other with respect, to avoid war and to survive the various tribulations of this world.

Let us all Brothers in the Sand speak with understanding and charity to each other, helping one another to survive and thrive. Let us remember in proper humility that God who created us and all things appoints our time of death. It is not for any of us to try to usurp



His place.


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