In Memory of Sister Teresita

SalesianEmblemSeveral years ago, I moved to a new parish and was glad to see the school was run by Salesian Sisters. When I started to attend daily mass, which was before the school day started, I met Sister Teresita.  She smiled a welcome and I noticed she was always there in advance, preparing herself to greet the Lord anew. She appeared to be retired, because she had a walker and was obviously over 65; in fact, at some point I was even told that she was retired.  How silly that seems now, as I found out over time that she was still putting in a full day’s labor for the Lord. She greeted children coming into school, taught religion class at the Bosco Center, she assisted in visiting the sick, translation for the poor hispanic population in a variety of occasions and went out to help in a mercy medical mission; to name a few of the regular activities.  She worked from before sunrise until after dark each day, then she, in coordination with the other sisters adored the Lord’s Blessed Sacrament overnight so that the parish had 24hr./365day blessings.

To say that she was a holy religious is not enough. She exemplified the charisms of her order, primary in my mind, being to always be joyful in the Lord regardless of circumstances of this world.  She was always finding ways to make people smile and to comfort the afflicted. She was humble, loving and pure of heart.  God rest her soul with the saints.


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