Are You Sure? Of What and Why?

Where else would you go to work and eat inside a medieval church?Are you sure? This question comes so often, we do not wonder about it nor are we surprised. In fact, many are doubtful if anyone is sure of anything in this world?

Yes, was the answer of the 10 apostles who saw the risen Jesus, but one Thomas who did not see, doubted.

What are you sure of? Why were the 10 sure? They had also doubted the words of Mary Magdalene and perhaps even that of Peter and John who went to the empty tomb. When they saw Jesus, they believed.

Jesus came a second time to the same room, after appearing to the 10, allowing Thomas the opportunity to see Him. Thomas then believed. But Thomas and the other apostles had already believed that Jesus was the Son of God, during Jesus’ ministering life, they just did not understand the resurrection.

Perhaps those who believe now in Jesus Christ, yet do not believe He is present to us in the Holy Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament, will understand that this is the body and blood of Jesus manifest to us so that we may fully believe in the resurrection message and bring it to the world that all may believe. May you be gifted with belief on this feast of St. Thomas the apostle.


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