God saves and God condemns nations which will ours be?

Dawn or Duskhttp://www.truegospelofjesus.org/articles/SodomandGomorrah.pdf

Will our nation heed the warning signs of God or continue to defile itself and lead others t defilement?

Many places in the Bible clearly states that we are supposed to follow the laws of God. Very clearly are set out these rules of sexual relations in the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 18; but the whole Bible is about the learning how to love God, by following what He tries to teach us. Jesus said that He came not to destroy the law of God but to fulfill it. Jesus pardoned the repentant sinners, but also cautioned them not to sin again. Part of the mercy of Christ was to teach the sinners the right way to God.

Our nation now writhes like a pit of snakes with the defilement of many kinds including, drug addictions, usury, sexual perversions and the worst of all, the denying of God and His word. That we have some small financial crises, natural disasters and crimes are the symptoms of the land vomiting out the defiled inhabitants of a defiled land.

Once our land was known around the world as the champions of freedom. Not the freedom of the criminals and depraved but the U.S. is the land of freedom to live, to worship God and to make a happy life for your posterity. For many decades this nation was one of helping our fellow nations of people to realize such freedom and to fight evil. Will we come together to repent and to fight evil again?


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