Rock Solid in a World of Gelatin

I cry out the joy of the Lord

I cry out the joy of the Lord

I recently questioned the WP hierarchy about why there is an emphasis on gay blogs. The answer they gave was that it is popular; if I want, I can blog about my own opinion. So here goes:

I support protection of every human being from physical abuse.

I support the human race survival which requires the heterosexual lifestyle for perpetuity.

I support the historic use of the term marriage to define the legal union of one man and one woman.

I support the historic and social necessity of the family definition to include a married couple, as described above, and their children, for the survival of the society.

I support a drug free society, meaning no illegal narcotics, no pot or any other type of drug used in a “recreational” manner.

I support the freedom of life for every unborn child and every child born into this world.

I support the literal interpretation of the Bible.

I support the catholic church, meaning universal christianity, and the Roman Catholic Church.

I do not support false ideologies or sinful behavior; recognizing each persons right to choose between right and wrong.


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