Ultimate Understanding; How to be Joyful in Dying Part 3

daa663d8937a1973aa07b0471c03ce2eToday, I want to share with you the ultimate joy and understanding that comes by embracing the Divine Mercy message when close to death or in contemplating one’s own mortality.

Dear Friends, I have described to you so far the joy I have found in Christ, whose Divine Mercy shines the most beautiful light and love into the hearts of those who accept Him as Lord. In the second part, I described how following Jesus’ teachings on living mercy brings me to a joy in sharing life with others, even when dying.

The ultimate understanding comes by looking first at Jesus’ final moment on the cross, when He asked God the Father to forgive those who put Him on the cross. We, all of us who fail to be perfect, had a hand in putting Jesus on the cross. Remember also, as followers of Christ, we must take up our crosses and follow Him. During our whole lives and especially at the end, we must forgive those who insult us, tempt us, burden us and everyone who makes our lives less than perfect. Why,because in this way we follow His teachings and help others to the simple truth and goodness of the gospel based life.  We have been forgiven by Jesus, so too we must forgive others.
We have the capacity and the heart to forgive. We can, by believing and following Jesus, participate in our own salvation and in the salvation of others. Forgiving others helps them to realize the christian way of life; the way of true peace. If we pray for our enemies as Jesus teaches us, we can help them to see the light of the gospel truths. We can begin to be the children of God, adopted into Jesus’ glory. Spreading this loving message AND practicing it is the ultimate message of Christ and the ultimate joy of His Divine Mercy.

Trust in Jesus. Forgive others. Live until up to the last moment reflecting His love and mercy, the Divine Mercy. Find joy in resting your hope in Him.


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