OpenCafeSadly, one of my cousins died since I last blogged. He was a fine middle aged man, young in my mind, younger than me. He was taking his children on vacation and died while hiking.  May God have mercy on him and may the everlasting light shine upon him. Rest in peace cousin.

I have many many cousins. Each year we have a reunion on the one side of my family. Easily more than a 100 show up; although that is not the full extent of the clan. God has blessed us abundantly with the love of family. From our youth led by our parents and grandparents we enjoyed the simple joys of life getting together at a local park, playing and eating. We carry the tradition along the years. We were taught the love of God and each other. The beauty of a large family unfolds over time. God gives us much to be joyful for and sorrows to overcome; it is better with God and with a large family; the support, the love all together in one way or another. In fact we mostly live close to each other, yet see each other but once a year.  There is a sense yet of togetherness when we need it.

Each one holds a place in each ones’ heart. We together hold onto the hope of salvation in Christ.  


2 thoughts on “MEMOIR TO COUSINS

  1. I liked this post, not because your cousin died of course, but because of your story about family, I love how your cousins get together yearly to “touch base.” The leaders of our family …on all sides really, were of my Grandparents and Great grandparents’ generations. Once they passed, no one took on their roll. This is such a sad thing to me. As I have grown older and my children are beginning to stretch their wings out into the world, I find that I miss those gatherings more and more, We’ve tried to get them started again with only a tiny bit of success. But I think it’s worthwhile (to me) so I will keep trying. I hope others read your celebration of extended family and appreciate theirs more if they are still around!

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