As Important as Life Itself

Mary Help of ChristiansHow lovely the day when a child is baptized into the Christian faith, opening the door of their souls to graces needed to grow-up, spiritually.  God in His infinite wisdom permits us, as parents and Godparents to initiate little ones into His grace through us, we who have received it willingly in our own confirmation of faith during our adulthood. This allows the children the grace to grow in the love of God from that moment forward.  It is a duty and pleasure, yes, even a holy calling to the parents and Godparents to assure that love of God and the education in His commandments is perpetuated in these young souls.

It is a gift greater than any on earth, the gift of faith. Some squander that gift, it is true. Some are not rightly taught or mentored, true. But the hope for the future of the children and of the world lies in this quiet moment of baptism.

Life on earth will be of little value if it is wasted on the “pleasures” of the moment. Life eternal with the Lord of LIfe and Divine Mercy is the true goal of life on this earth and the sooner every child understands and appreciates that lofty truth, the better for them and for the world around them.

God bless parents and Godparents. God bless and grant baptism into the Christian faith to all children brought into this world. May our prayers and petitions for the innocent children be heard by our Most Merciful Savior. Amen


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