Be Careful To Get What You Want


To get what youjesus-christ-resurrected1

want, you first have to know what it is that you want. Let’s talk about that…

One of the most basic desires is to survive. In what condition do you want to survive? Well, I assume. But what does well mean to you, free from want and free from distress of every kind would be preferred, right? The Lord offers this all to us, if we believe he is the one true Lord, one with God the Father and Holy Spirit; and we follow his precepts of loving Him and loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. He is the fountain of all goodness. If you want any kind of goodness or any survival passed death of the body, you will need God to help you. He is the way….to the heart of God; He is truth…it’s source; He is the life… everlasting.

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