ZigZag Challenge Taken


The picture of a zigzag street in Portugal is very pretty.The idea is to take the zigzag pattern I see and speak about it. 

The zigzag I see is the pattern of behavior of this nation, the U.S. It zigs towards high ideals and heroic altruism, then zags to greed, false self-aggrandizement and selfishness. This is the zigzag pattern of our nation filled with people wanting freedom and helping others to freedom; upholding the truths of God respecting life and personal liberty and pursuit of happiness. Yet, with the freedom to do great good opens the doors to the freedom to do great evil. The founders of the nation worked tirelessly to bring about a government conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are equal under God. There was the idea of free contract beside the ideals of justice equally meted out to all comers at court. There was the openness to freely worship God in your own manner beside the need to not enslave your neighbor to your religious views. So the ideals have been unique and uniquely blessed with favor. The freedom carries a heavy burden, the zag of the great conception ideas, to which we are all bound by duty and honor to respect and hold dear. 

The current society has zigged when it should have zagged and started a pattern destroying many of the original tenets of this nations origin, of which we all depend for everything we possess. The freedom of life has been abridged to mean freedom of life for the few, i.e. those who choose life or death for the infant they carry within them or are under their care. These choosers decide if the children are going to be “wanted” by them and “useful” to society. Similar groups have arisen that say the elderly and sick who are of no use may be disposed of and call it “mercy”. The mercy to which they refer which occurs in staggering numbers is more akin to the genocide perpetrated by the Nazi death camps. The German people were “convinced” by Hitler that it was best for their society and that it was a necessary evil for their survival. Need I say more?  I guess so, because more has happened since those tragic days of WWII; even since yesterday.  Since Roe v. Wade, the number of abortions alone has gone up to over 50 million, in the U.S. alone. How many philosophers, scientists, good priests and ministers, brothers and sisters have fallen under the knife just in the time it has taken for you to read this blog of mine? The need to survive has gone to the point of taking innocent lives either directly or indirectly. So many say, it wasn’t my fault, yet vote for the freedom to take life from innocent children or to provide deadly medication for the disabled who despair.  How many have voted for the medical reviews of government paid health facilities to pay for abortion pills but not for early pregnancy care? Do you read your fine print at voting time or just say their isn’t time or let people do what they want? Do you wash your hands constantly, like Lady Macbeth did in the Shakespeare tragedy? The zigzag has started to fray the fabric of our nation. The freedom we so valiantly held up for our own and protected for other nations has started to become a perverse self-indulgence of fewer and fewer. This pattern has already begun a ricochet effect into our international relations. Selfishness has led our country to look ever closer inward and forsake the neighbors ever nearer. Will we completely unravel the fabric of this nation or re-weave it into a beautiful pattern again? In God we trust.